Thursday, August 26, 2010

Since my last post...

We went here

to the new Consol Energy Center
 (where our Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team will play)
with 18,000 of our closest friends

to see the opening concert...

I know it's hard to see from up here...

that's a little better...

That's right...Paul McCartney in concert!
 It was one of the thrills of my life to be at the opening of the new arena and see Sir Paul, who I have listened to since I was 14. (I love his music...not his politics. I try to keep them seperate) Of course, I must say that I am a bigger Beatles fan than a Wings fan but they played a lot of Beatles music and the crowd, which was mostly our age by the way,
sang every song and loved every minute of it.
The arena itself is beautiful and I can't wait for hockey season to start!


NanE said...

WOW how lucky are you to be a Pens, fan?! Ha Ha, you thought I was going to say to see Sir Paul! Well, that too, Love his music, hate his politics. But I would love to see the Pens, I'm a huge fan too! Hugs, Nan

A Vintage Chic said...

How fun, Joy! He's definitely a legend, isn't he?! Glad you had such a great time! And your win from Karen...fabulous! Thanks for sharing it!

Hope you have a wonderful day today!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Joy! Well now there are TWO reasons for me to be green with envy...Paul McCartney AND your treasure trove of winnings from Karen! The millinery flowers and velvets are BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful surprise!

Have a great week! Hugs,
Paula Clare

Celestial Charms said...

What a fun opportunity for you. I love Paul McCartney, and I love hockey too. We don't see much of it down here in Texas. I've always been a NY Rangers fan, and used to attend lots of games at Madison Square Garden when I was a teenager. I also spent hours upon hours watching hockey on TV with my Dad. He is a NY Islander fan. ;)
Have a great week, Joyce.

marie said...

A new arena! That's great! The Red Wings' 20 year lease on Joe Lewis Arena expired last year and now it's a year to year lease. We're anxious to find out if they'll renovate or build new.
I know that you'll enjoy the games in the new building and how fun that you got to preview it with a concert!


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