Friday, April 18, 2008

We ARE GaGa for Garlands!

Tamy just sent out the badge with the pictures of everyone's garlands from the GaGa For Garlands Swap. What a beautiful display! She's going to post about it today and then maybe we'll find out who made each one. They are all lovely. It is great to be surrounded by such a talented group of women!
Is it just me or is Blogger having a problem? A friend posted on my blog today and it's not showing up. I've also had a few problems uploading photos. Anybody else having issues? Email me if you can't post to my blog. Thanks.


Scrap for Joy said...
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SweetBellaBug said...

I really enjoyed this swap! I think we nmight have to have our own "celebrate" swap too!

mary k said...

This was such a fun swap and such creative banners! I think I am getting hooked on these swaps. I will be looking for more. How about you?


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